The Autonomic Balance Training System (Digital)

The Autonomic Balance Training System                           

-Over 100 minutes of online videos of Dr. Kyprianou’s techniques and expertise

-Login access to the online 90 Day training program

-Over 60 minutes of Dr. Kyprianou’s audio training

-A 70 page Online Workbook 

-The Autonomic Balance Training System Software 

-The Autonomic Balance Training System Device (An Advanced Portable Computerized System for Physiological Monitoring and Training)




Disclaimer: This program is intended for at home general wellness use. We encourage you to consult your physician for an opinion as to whether this program is appropriate for you.
SPECS: 1) You must have a USB port on your computer. 2) You must have Microsoft Windows to download the ABTS software application. Note: If you do not have Microsoft Windows, you can purchase and download the Windows 10 application on Microsoft’s website or call Microsoft Support at 1(800)642-7676.
Refund Policy: Because this is an informational program with a software that is downloaded once purchased, there are no refunds. The ABTS device has a 1 year warranty.