The Autonomic Balance Training System

The Autonomic Balance Training System
The Autonomic Balance Training System is an online wellness program for those suffering with POTS and other autonomic dysfunctions. Participants train to use the 90 day online home program with the goal of improving their overall health and reversing their chronic sympathetic response.

After the initial live session with an ABTS Trainer, participants continue with the structured 90 day home wellness program that includes The Autonomic Balance Training System to maintain their progress.
Participants will be introduced to the six components of Autonomic Balance and learn to navigate The Autonomic Balance Training System for the 90 day home program. 
Program Procedures:
  • • Autonomic Balance Training 
  • • Nutrition
  • • Sleep Optimization
  • • Physiological Stress Management
  • • Orthostatic Intolerance Training
  • • Coping Skills
  • • Lifestyle Management
  • • SNS Relaxation Training 
  • • Exercise Protocol
  • • Longterm Progress Monitoring
The Autonomic Balance Training System consists of:
• The ABTS Software
• The ABTS Device — An Advanced Portable Computerized System for Physiological  Monitoring and   Training.
• Login access to the online 90 Day training program —  with Dr. Kyprianou guiding you each day with video,  audio and an online workbook. 
• Initial live, online session with an ABTS Trainer, who will guide you through the initial steps of the program.




Disclaimer: This program is intended for at home general wellness use. We encourage you to consult your physician for an opinion as to whether this program is appropriate for you.
SPECS: 1) You must have a USB port on your computer. 2) You must have Microsoft Windows to download the ABTS software application. Note: If you do not have Microsoft Widows, you can purchase and download the Windows 10 application on Microsoft’s website or call Microsoft Support at 1(800)642-7676.
Refund Policy: Because this is an informational program with a software that is downloaded once purchased, there are no refunds. The ABTS device has a 1 year warranty.