A comprehensive wellness program based on six proven,

peer-reviewed components:


Participants experience the introductory program over 2 days within a small consistent group, who all have the common goal of reversing their chronic stress and improving their health and wellness.


Once the 2 day intensive weekend is completed, participants leave with The Autonomic Balance Training System — a home program that includes the ABTS Software, Device, and the Online 90 Day Program to maintain learned skills and techniques.


(Note: The Training System can be purchased on it’s own, without attending the intensive if needed, by clicking the link above.)









The 2 Day Intensive


The Autonomic Balance Program begins with an 2 day intensive interactive training led by Dr. Kyprianou that introduces the six components of Autonomic Balance and prepares you for The ABTS 90 day home program. The intensives start in the morning with breaks in-between until the end of the day. (Note: hotel suggestions are provided within the link below when registering.)


Benefits of Group Support:


You will train to use the ABTS training software and device — where you will actually be able to see your autonomic functions on your computer screen — as you learn to monitor and train to manage your chronic stress in-person with Dr. Kyprianou and her staff, receiving individual feedback on training.


We find that working within small groups as a great support system within the intensive weekend and beyond for the participant. We encourage participants to stay in contact when they return home with the 90 Day program on the ABTS community online portal.






The 90 Day Home Program


Once at home with The Autonomic Balance Training System, you will login to the ABTS online portal where you will find the 90 day program as Dr. Kyprianou guides you through videos, audio and a workbook each day. You will also be working daily with the ABTS software and device, learning to monitor and train to manage chronic stress precisely and effectively.


The goal at the end of the 90 Day program is to get you to a point where you do not have to use the software and device, eventually learning how to manage your chronic stress unconsciously, shifting back to the parasympathetic and finally, back to homeostasis as a normal part of life.


If you have concerns about your health – as it relates to travel or being able to fully participate in the two day intensive – we recommend that you consider The ABTS Training System itself.






Dallas, TX

April 10th -11, 2020


Early Bird Rate:  $3,399 USD
After :  $3,599 USD
Registration Deadline:  March 13, 2020


Please note: The AB Training System is also included in this cost, along with the intensive.

Prices are in U.S. dollars and do not include applicable taxes. Click on this link for: Hotel Information.

Registration Steps:


1) Please note a $100 USD non-refundable registration fee is required before your candidacy interview (initial consultation). This fee will be applied towards your program cost, should you be accepted into the program. 


2) Upon completion of the registration form and payment, you will receive notification from our registration team within 3 business days with an interview date and time.